Ready to Wear Units

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    Inch: 12, 14, 16 Texture: SS Origin: Brazilian Closure: 13X4 Frontal Color: 1B, 4, 27 Circumference 22"-23"
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    Inch: 16 Texture: Silky Straight Origin: Indiana- Closure: 4X4 Color: #613 Circumference: 22"-23"
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    Inch: 18 Texture: BW Origin: Peruvian Closure: 360 Color: #27 Circumference: Adjustable Straps
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    Inch: 8 Texture: Silky Straight Origin: Indian Closure: 4X4 Color: Grey Circumference: 22"-23"
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    $50 All Inches
    4X4 Lace Closure Loose Wave Natural Color with Baby Hair
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    $50 A Bundle 18"-24"ONLY!!
    8A Virgin Human Hair Body Wave 3.9 oz Last up to 18-24 months with proper care Natural Color
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    $50 A Bundle 18"-24" ONLY!!
    8A Virgin Human Hair Silky Straight 3.9oz Last up to 18-24 months with proper care Natural Color
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 Ready to Wear Units 

All units are made with virgin human hair or raw hair.  We also use lace
closures, frontals or 360 closures. 

All units are sold as is and will not be altered. Units will be posted as they become available.  All purchases are on a
first come first serve basis. Please be sure that all measurements are correct, as they are made for a custom fit